Trailer music and film scoring

We do original written tracks, with full ownership.

About us.

Nordic Cinematics is a new producer team, composing trailer, scoring, and commercial music. The collaboration is a new musical input to the business, but the people behind aren’t new to creating music.

Anders Boll and Claus Haargaard have been working as producers for many years. Working creatively with artists and bands, track writing, general composing for commercials, theater performances, mixing and mastering, and lately producing video as well.
Both have individual production facilities located in Aarhus, Denmark, to fulfill all the above mention tasks, whether it’s all being done in the box, or being recorded in the live room.

We have developed our understanding and crafting for writing trailer and scoring music – for Nordic Cinematics now represents that creative outlet.
Now we are ready to reach out to the market. Feel free to reach out and say hi!

Let’s talk.

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